Book Review : Moth Smoke

Having read Mr. Hamid’s Latest Best  Seller ‘ How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia’ I decided to read his very first book, that actually got him enormous fame and became his first Big Benchmark.Hence I bought this book also as I was very attracted to his writing style in ‘how to get filthy rich in rising Asia’, but to my utter disappointment this book did not live up to my expectations .

This is a depressing story of a Man who meets unfortunate events beginning from his childhood. His father’s death, followed by a shortage of wealth and subsequently his mother’s death are the ill-fated events that Darashikoh goes through, in life. The shortage of wealth is met by his father’s friend who becomes a close friend to his mother and his son Aurangzeb befriends the Depressed man, then just an incompetent child.
The book begins with the events that lead to Darashikoh being fired at the bank and later on losing all hope, eventually giving up to Drugs. In the meantime he loses a faithful servant, his Best Friend and all relatives as doing drugs makes you do really unwanted deeds that may lead to an end to even the most loyal of relations.
For those interested in reading the life of such a man, thumbs up! This book is meant for you. The rest just might want to stay away.


How to Deal with a Panic attack

What is a Panic Attack??

Panic attack is basically a sudden overwhelming feeling of acute and disabling anxiety. An intense sensation characterized as fear and complete unexpectedness. Many a times these attacks may occur without warning, at unpredictable situations and irrelevant times. Such attacks that take place at unanticipated times are more of a one-time occurrence. However panic attacks also occur recurrently. Recurrent attacks are associated to situations where a panic attack is often likely to occur, such as an emergency situation, a stage performance in front of public or an examination.

What are the Signs & Symptoms?

The panic attacks do not last long and tend to reach their maximum within 10 minutes after occurring. The longest these symptoms may take is a rough 45 minute although that is a fair extreme limit. Usually it is only 20 – 30 minutes.

The signs and symptoms may includedownload

  • Excessive sweating
  • Nausea
  • Palpitation
  • Shortness of breath
  • Trembling
  • Dizziness or Numbness
  • A feeling of failing or losing control
  • Hot or Cold flashes

What are the Causes?

Although the exact causes of panic attacks are yet to be discovered it is generally a trend to see panic attacks as an occurrence relating family history, or big changes in lifestyles like the death of a loved one a significant loss of wealth or property. Also many people suffer from different phobias which may also be a reason for this. Use of Drugs like marijuana, smoking habits are also linked to being a cause for panic attacks.

Apart from these there are also medical reasons for a panic attack which your Doctor should rule out before giving medications:

  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Wilson’s disease
  • Mitral valve prolapse
  • Pheochromocytoma,

How to Treat it?

There are many ways you could avoid a visit to the doctor and help yourself in curing or dealing with a panic attack, yet it will not be my advice to not pay a visit to the Doctor. Do try the following tricks or remedies but if you don’t consider your panic attack to be controllable by yourself do check on with your physician.

  • Practice Deep Breathing – Deep breathing is known to relieve stress and other anxiety related problems. Learn breathing techniques, that help you soothe yourself. There are a number of practice tutorials on how to control your breathing available on the internet.
  • Relax your body– relaxation can be provided by meditation, getting enough amount of sleep, spending sometime in nature, practicing yoga and whatever may relax you is a relaxation technique in its own.
  • Keeping yourself busy – this is the most essential part, the less work you have to do the more time to think and for many people this excessive thinking is devastating. Busy yourself in hobbies, do household chores, meet friends, talk to family members. It is widely known that face to face conversations are essential to mental health.
  • Exercise – Regular exercise that stretches all body muscles is a must. The better the blood flow in your body the better your physical and mental health.

Origami, As in 2017 – The Future Of it!

A spectacular recreation of Origami Art has taken place at MIT – and this is known as the Origami Bot. The Massachusetts Institute of technology’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) has come up with this unique creation inspired by origami. The miniature bot follows the conventional origami and changes shape as per the moment’s requirement. The Bot can wear different Exoskeletons as per the situation demands.

The basic form is this cube called – Primer.


Primer can wear an exoskeleton and transform into the Walk-Bot.



The walk-Bot has Built-in Magnets with the help of which plus heat it shapes the sheets in to suits. The new suit transforms it further with new abilities.


Next, the suit is taken off by immersing itself in water.

Prof. Daniela Rus ( Director, CSAIL), in her interview with BBC claimed that they intended to make a Robot that is essentially an engine, could pick up different Super Coats, so as to give it multiple superpowers that will allow the robot to move faster, scoop up objects, fly and glide and also float on water.

The CSAIL aim to develop this Robot on a much larger scale, so as to help in the automobile industry. The robot will also be able to perform different types of surgeries like patching internal wounds, removing unwanted objects from the body and taking samples, thereby eradicating the need for incision of the body. This Bot, once operational could be a definite breakthrough in the Medical Industry for sure.

How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia!

A marvelously scripted and a very unique form of a self-help book – By the author of ‘ The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ & ‘ Moth Smoke’ – this book will take you on  journey from being extremely poor to being filthy rich, From a Slum to a Mansion, from a delivery boy to CEO. Mohsin Hamid (Author) has this unique way of narrating a story so much so that one may get completely engrossed by the very style of writing. As quoted by some
“Appealing…and Charming …in taking this massive risk with how to tell a story, Hamid has found the perfect pitch for his voice. “ – Dawn

“Nothing Short of a masterwork .. it cannot be recommended highly enough” – The Herald

This story contains 12 Simple Rules to guide your way through Getting Filthy Rich In Rising Asia. These rules are compiled into a story of a poor young boy, born to a poor village family. However with passing years he moves into a slum in the city where he learns many a thing , ranging from education to tactics on how to deal with people in the city in order to get established and further more successful. Dealing with a hell lot of different experiences this boy finally establishes a bottled water business from small scale to a large scale business. However being rich and successful he does not achieve the one person in his life, he loved the most, at least not in the years he’s healthy and rich.

Going through the life of a Poor, Middle class and finally a Rich Asian man this book explains a lot about life struggles, if not exactly how to get Filthy Rich.

Innocence.. The Essence of Childhood

Looking back in to the years passed, I see an innocent human being; I can recognize by the looks but that innocence… that is no longer familiar.  Childhood is not just a time Period – It is the best gift from nature; an age of innocence, unlimited happiness.

As I wonder what exactly Innocence is, I see my four year old Nephew laughing carelessly as I throw him up in the air, believing me as I lie about my phone being broken. That Is when I realize what innocence is. Innocence is a sugarcoated form of Ignorance. As said by many ‘ Ignorance is bliss’ I would – looking at a child definitely say YES! The less you know about the truths of this world, nature of people and the way things work – the happier you’ll be. It is sad to know what the truest of your friends can do to you, for the more unlucky ones even the blood relations turn out to be a tragic experience. With a heavy heart, you do for people what you are sure would never be given back to you – not even by the same people. Deciding on whether or not to trust the people closest to you is the most heart wrenching reality of life. If only we had little knowledge of what people may do, the way they think or the way they may react.

Innocence could also be linked to Trust. For the child who is unaware of this world, trust comes just as naturally as waves to sea. However with years of experience Trust is what becomes a daunting task for us. As, there is nothing worse in this world, than having your trust broken. And that strain is totally unrecoverable.

Another form of innocence is simply self-unconsciousness. The less aware of your own self the more carefree you can be. Yet as we grow up the world modifies us into thinking too much about ourselves. The way we dress, the gadgets we carry, our lifestyles – such are the complexes not known or experienced by a child. Oh how I envy the childhood me!
Sadly, but just like all other harsh realities of life the period of innocence is only limited to childhood. Growing up is what cannot be curtailed and knowing more is just an essential part of survival. Much as I yearn to be that innocent child I was again I know that is one dream which is Impossible.


Robots on the Loose

Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence has been up to some serious mischief. The artificial Intelligence created a set of code words to make communication easier or maybe faster: yet however those code words were total Gibberish to humans. For example phrases like

” Balls mean zero to me to me to me”

” I can can I everything else”

These Bots originally programmed to communicate in English somehow developed their own language leading to a panic stricken Facebook Engineering department, which had to pull out the plugs before it was too late.

Artificial Intelligence has been a controversial topic in the recent years owing to the dangers of Al being Independent and simply refusing to take orders from Humans. This event only made what was a matter of Danger or Fear in the Past; a threatening Reality.
It may be considered a symbol of Pride by many who think creating something Life Like is Man’s greatest achievement; though it is a great risk of which, we could not be less aware of.

First Holographic Phone

Bending Smart Phones, wireless hands free and all such features may now go old school with the advent of this new exciting feature – The Holographic display. RED, the massive Camera manufacturer would soon be coming up with a Smart Phone namely Hydrogen; that has as its characteristic feature The Holographic Display. The phone is to have two versions, Titanium – that would be priced at $1595 and Aluminum that would be $1195.
Running on an Android Operating system this phone has features that go way beyond orthodox means of technology. Experience a full 3D Body right on your palms without the need for any Glasses.

  • View all traditional 2D content normally at full screen resolution
  • View holographic RED Hydrogen 4- View Content(H4V)
  • View stereo 3D content
  • View 2D/3D, VR, AR and MR

With Exceptional Display the Phone also Boasts a great Sound System. The OS has a special H3O algorithm that converts stereo sound into Expansive multi-dimensional Audio (5.1).
Coming from a Camera Manufacturer it is only natural that this phone would be hosting the best Camera features ever. The Hydrogen System includes a comprehensive and ever expanding component system which would enable shooting higher quality motion and still images as wel as hydrogen format Holographic images.

We have been looking at Holograms on TV earlier but to have hands on experience would now become a reality. That too, without the need for Glasses.

A scene From The Big Bang Theory

Another From Star Wars

This technology changes the future of communications. Video Conferences may soon be seeing a new beginning; an era 3D VR Meetings! Mobile Manufacturers have yet to face the biggest challenge of lifetime!

TV shows you should mark on Calendars


  1. Game of Thrones – Season 7
    The much hyped George Martin’s fantasy novel will have its 7th season aired on H.B.O on the 17 of July this year. The many questions that this show would be answering are
    What are Jon Snow’s origins?
    Cersei’s fate..
    Daenerys’ success..
    How far did Arya Stark reach?
    And finally the Great War that is coming!
  2. The Mist – First Season
    Apologies for being a little late on this one, this show has begun already; 22 June being the premiere date. However its never too late, based on Stephen king’s Novel, this horror/thriller show will be definitely worth a watch. It has become SPIKE TV’s most popular shows so far.
  3. Star Trek: Discovery – First Season

    Good News for all the Star Trek fans out there, you’ll now have your very own TV Show as well . To be aired on 24 September 2017, the show will have 15 episodes and will be available on Netflix.
  4. Stranger Things – Season 2

    After a whole season with the Terrifying Demagogue and the quest to find Will, this season will be more of sequel than a new story. Releasing on October 31 2017, Netflix will present you with yet another amazing season suitable to all age groups.
  5. The Defenders

    Super Hero stories simply get far more interesting when they Team up to form a Gang. This show will be casting Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist to form a squad for the very reason of protecting the lives in New York City. To be released by Netflix on August 18 2017.



Book Review: The other Side of Truth

This children’s novel by Beverly Naidoo is like no other books aimed at young audience. It has a series of events that are more of a real life story and that shed light on a lot of social problems existing or beginning to exist in the society. The story circles in the era of General Abacha of Nigeria who had taken on a mission to terminate journalists and likely people. This is the story of the struggles of two siblings who flee their hometown after their mother is killed in a murder attempt on their father. The father somehow manages to get his children smuggled to London. The children, Sade and her brother Femi, upon reaching England are set to face a lot of challenges. First, being abandoned by their uncle at the airport and later on by Mrs Bankole, the person who was supposed to take charge of them in London; the children have yet to see a lot. They spend a little time as homeless street children, but get adopted later on and sent to school. The school environment being foreign to Sade & Femi has its own downsides. Hard times come when the children’s father reaches London and gets arrested, for false blames about killing his wife by the Nigerian Government. However Sade proves to be a bright & confident girl and manages to get the original story of her father to the London media which results in his release eventually.
The story covers some very essential topics like:
How important is freedom of speech and what are the challenges face to fight for it.
The struggle of children who have to abandon their hometowns; and what worse than leaving back their parents there.
High school Bullying and how much it is aimed at a minority culture.
Dictatorship and its outcomes.
Also, the book covers the extent to which smuggling has reached.
The role of Media, in bringing about justice.

Although a children’s novel I am sure adults would enjoy it as much as any other child.this book  earned  Naidoo the annual Carnegie Medal from the Library Association, recognising the year’s best children’s book by a British subject.  It has also won the NESTLE SMARTIES SILVER AWARD 2000.

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